Gyfters Charity Goals

At Gyfters our mission is to empower small to medium sized UK charities and nonprofits, and help them to raise funds, by providing a platform to safely host incentivised fundraising campaigns. These campaigns can reach a wider audience, enabling their life-changing work to grow in ways that have traditionally, only been accessible by larger, more established charities with huge budgets.

Raising money for small and medium size charities is much harder than it should be, particularly with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Relying on traditional fundraising methods such as collection boxes or branded merchandise often leads to smaller charities failing to meet their needs as they are raising money from a limited donor base. Other methods of traditional fundraising such as organising events, challenges and galas etc can be unexpectedly expensive, resulting in a much lower funded campaign than hoped, and in the current circumstances, are not even possible.

Almost 40% of new charities close within three years, completely killing off the amazing work and support they do, leaving a huge and often vital gap in their community.

A new type of fundraising is needed. We feel there is nothing wrong with incentivising people to give where the funds raised and positive impact for the charity is far more than traditional campaigns.

Gyfters - Imapct over Percentages
Every charity is different and factors such as organisational size, the work they do and how the funds are raised can have a huge impact on what charitable income is generated using traditional methods.
Grow your donations the Gyfters way
We aim to change this by incentivising donations. By offering a reward we can increase funds raised for the selected small charity by 5, 10 or even 20 fold.
Where your money goesAC

To achieve a real impact takes investment. But it’s an investment that pays off. Our model provides a minimum of 75% of the funds raised in any draw to the chosen charity or good cause.

What the charity gets... 75%

Typically, for every £10 spent on one of our competitions:
£7.50 goes to the charity with £2.5 coming to us. The costs of running the charity competition (technical, operations, staff, legals, insurance, transactional fees, marketing etc) come out of our share.

Where a competition is sponsored, we are able to increase the amount awarded to the small charity. If the cost of the operations is fully covered by one or more sponsors, this enables us to donate as much as 89% of all the money raised in that competition.


The initial idea was seeded when I’d finished working as a tech lead for an American fundraising organisation that operates commercial online competitions and donates 30% of turnover to a selected charity. While this may seem alien to us Brits, most American charities and nonprofits of all sizes use incentivising fundraising models to generate funds, and it really works!

Then, I heard on the radio that a small, north east charity for men’s mental health & suicide prevention was sadly closing its doors after three years, because it simply could not raise enough funds to operate. Hearing about the hole this charity left in the local community made me think of helping charities in the UK fundraise through competitions.

It’s difficult for charities to run these competitions without help. Setting up an online fundraising competition is a lengthy and expensive process, with adherence to laws from both the Gambiling Commission, Charities Commission and Local Authorities required, plus the added expense of appropriate technology, specialist gaming licenses, specialist gaming bank accounts, etc.

Roll on Covid19… well, small charities have never had it so hard trying to raise funds in such an awful time. I realised these charities needed a place where they can run a safe, legal and secure online raffle. I set to work creating Gyfters in April 2020, a charity competitions website that satisfies all the legal and technical challenges and removes the cost barrier for small charities. We launched our first charity fundraising competition for the Rabbit Welfare Association and Fund in June 2020

Every competition that is hosted on Gyfters, is for the benefit of a small UK charity. We cover all the operational costs, satisfy all the legals and put the correct gaming systems in place, leaving them to do what they do best, fundraise for their charity.

But I need your help, if Gyfters has any chance of reaching our goal of raising £1Million pounds for charity in a single year, I need you to help spread the word!

Our work and the services we provide deliberately challenge conventional thinking around fundraising. We’re proud to use incentivising means to empower small nonprofits and say “thank you” to those ‘Gyfters’ who give so generously to help these amazing causes.
Gyfters Founder - Martin McShane