Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! Because Gyfters operate online charity competitions & giveaways, we’re held accountable to, and are registered with the Gambling Commission (who also regulate the National Lottery) and we’re also registered with the Fundraising Regulator, which promotes best practice in fundraising and protects donors.

Gyfters is registered with the Fundraising Regulator


We’re obliged under UK law to allow those that enter one of our charity raffles the ability to check their past orders on the Gyfters website. The only way to do this securely is for participants to create an account.

Registering an account will also allow us to communicate with you if you win and grant entrants access to the Campaign Master Entries List to check their entries.

You will only receive emails for the following purposes:

  • Information relating to your order including payment confirmation.
  • The close of the competition you’ve entered.
  • Information about where to find the Campaign Master Entries List for download to check you’re entered into the draw.
  • And if you win, a notification email
  • Emails & updates relating to the charity you have previously supported & their other raffles.

No problem.
If you’re sure you’ll never enter another Gyfters charity raffle and want to have your account closed, please email from the email account you used to register.

We’ll be sad to see you go, as the competitions we run help raise money for small and medium sized UK charities, but we’ll remove your account within 2 business days.

Completely secure. All transactions are processed by Secure Trading, an established payment gateway.

All data passed to Secure Trading is fully encrypted and the section of the checkout where you enter your card details is Secure Trading’s protected payment portal.

Gyfters cannot see any card details relating to anyone that enters one of our charity competitions.

Regardless of our charity competitions being approved by the Funding Regulator, PayPal doesn’t support any organisation that is governed by the Gambling Commission.

Once a charity competition has concluded, all orders are exported. A unique ticket number is then assigned to each entry. We call this the Campaign Master Entries List.

You will receive an email detailing how you can download the Campaign Master Entries List for the competition you entered so that you can check your entries if you wish.

The winner is selected using Google’s random number generator. The number Google generates is the winning entry.

The live draw will take place live on either our Facebook or YouTube channel. The date and time will be shared on our social media channels.

We will email you and contact you by the phone number you assigned to your account. We will keep trying to contact you for 21 working days. If we are unable to contact you, we will re-run the draw, live on our social media channels.
Gyfters is an online platform that allows small to medium UK charities to operate online fundraising competitions and raffles, lawfully, safely and securely. Free from the technical and financial barriers that only large charities can overcome.

It’s almost impossible for smaller charities to run these competitions without help. Setting up an online fundraising competition is a lengthy and expensive process, with adherence to laws from the Gambiling Commission, Charities Commission and Local Authorities required, plus the added expense of appropriate technology, specialist gaming licenses, specialist gaming bank accounts, etc.

Depending on the type of competition Gyfters is running, we give anywhere from 75% to 100% of all income from a competition, to the charity we have partnered with. And as we’re scrutinised by multiple bodies, including the funding regulator, you can enter with confidence, knowing that Gyfters will donate a minimum of 75p from every £1 played to the named charity.

Gyfters is operated as a not for profit. Any percentage  remaining after the charity receives its donation is used to covers our costs.