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Parsleys Warren

The Cause

Parsleys Warren is a small sanctuary providing life-long love and support for elderly and special needs rabbits, and abandoned and unwanted rabbits who otherwise struggle to find homes due to having chronic illness, disability or having been abandoned in older age.

They liaise with other rescues to identify and take on special needs rabbits that have come to them. Once there, they provide them with their dream home for life, helping them and also freeing up space in the less specialised rabbit rescues. Parsleys Warren also foster for the RWAF.

Covid 19 has hit them hard as all their fundraising events have had to be cancelled and they need to raise money to cover vets fees etc to ensure all our buns are as happy and healthy as they can be!

The Outcome

As soon as the Parsleys Warren charity raffle has finished, we will update this page with how much has been raised.


be like Sarah, Nicola & Christine!

Sarah's win with Gyfters
Nicola's 2nd win on Gyfters
Awaiting the photo of our winning Gyfter
Awaiting the photo of our winning Gyfter

In October 2020, Helping Pets North East raffled away £500 worth of Amazon gift cards raising over £1600

£350 prize won by Sarah Tillett (Order number 2125 / Ticket Number 2111)
£100 prize won by Nicola Robson (Order number 2032 / Ticket Number 63) – Nicola’s 2nd win on Gyfters
£50 prize won by Christine Lewis (Order number 2081 / Ticket Number 1182)
Raffle date – Oct 2020
Draw was live on Facebook: Thursday 15th Oct, 2020 at 21:01

The live draw for this competition can be found on the Helping Pets Facebook page. Click here to watch